Sunday, 5 February 2012 I guess there is no time like the present, even though 'that' time is nearly 11pm on a frozen Sunday evening following 2 sleepless nights. My vision is blurred and my head slightly fuzzy and it's nothing to do with the empty glass of red sat by my side...honest!

Just in case I wasn't 'quite' busy enough, I have taken the jump after vague mumblings on other social network sites, namely FB & Twitter, of starting to blog...I don't know why because I really don't have the time but I am in real need of trying something new.  Having been on maternity for what feels like the last 6 years with a short hop back to work in between the 3 children, I am in grave danger of succumbing to nappy brain and I am fighting back!

I generally have a lot to say on all manner of topics & interests but most of the words that currently come out of my mouth consist of 'hurry up', 'eat up', 'tidy up' and 'CAREFUL!!'...the last one usually yelled after the event..pointless!  I figure no one listens to me at home so why not blog a bit to no one in particular and if anyone actually decides to listen..well that will be a nice surprise.  I'm also a good listener so I am looking forward to reading lots of other peoples blogs.

This feels like a big step into the unknown and I am preparing for the stumbles, falls and full-on face plants that will definitely happen while I find my footing.  I would appreciate any comments & advice from all you experienced bloggers as well as newcomers like myself.  I hope as it goes along, I will find some semblance of order/organisation in my blurb...oh actually, strike that, it's highly unlikely..order & organisation is a distant memory from my work life, I much prefer chaos & disorder, so will continue in that vein.

So that's it folks (how many people have signed off with that old Warner Bros line?) humble beginnings as a 'blogster'..improvements & updates soon.

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  1. have fun - it's very addictive! (and time consuming!)