Monday, 6 February 2012

...sunny & snow-free in Suburbia!

I love a Monday morning, me...I am joking of course!

My husband left for Russia for the week (Sports Photographer, to be referred to as 'Camera Guy') so having to wake up (did I ever get to sleep?) earlier than usual in order to get 3 children changed, dressed, fed and out the door in all the attire winter requires is no mean feat...oh, and on time occasionally, not really my idea of fun.

I used to struggle being on time when it was just me...I was the eternal optimist where time was concerned believing I could cross from one side of London to the other in approx 10mins but never quite succeeding. I have slowly realised (it took the 3rd baby to arrive) that you need to allow a minimum of hour an hour to actually make it out the door with everyone and everything. Sometimes I fall back into that unrealistic optimist mode and have the embarrassment of traipsing via the school office en mass, double buggy, school bag, water bottle etc to fill out the 'late arrival' the section where you have to put the reason for your child's lateness, it's a smaller box than where you fill in your child's name...unrealistic really given that I could fill a couple of pages on the reasons why...!

However this morning, 6yr old son managed to squeeze through the gap as the school gate was closing saving me the hassle of writing in the 'book of shame'! To celebrate our achievement we went into town and slumped in Nero's for coffee & croissants.

Now why can’t all Monday mornings be like this?

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