Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Gallery...A Family Story

Ok, seeing as I am feeling a bit fluey with no inspiration for something to blog about today, now would seem a good time to join in The idea I have seen so far of getting people to join in..see Tara Cain's The Photo Gallery 

This week is 'A Family Story' so here is my photo... easy one to choose.  My parents celebrate 50 years of marriage this coming September and are still in love after all these years.  My Dad turned 80 last August and when we asked what he fancied doing for such a momentous birthday, a nice restaurant or a trip to the Opera or Theatre...he said he just wanted to go where our children like to go so he could sit and watch them play and have fun...we all spent the day at Bushy Park and he did just that!

They have been the most incredible loving parents to my sister and I and just inspire me on a regular basis.  Along with fostering many children for as many years as I can remember, they also adopted my sister and I as babies which, in our eyes, makes them even more special.

I can't wait to celebrate their special anniversary with them later this year.

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