Sunday, 12 February 2012

...the Sunday papers!

In the long forgotten days of yesteryear, pre-children, those golden days when you could laze around on a Sunday morning drinking tea, eating bacon butties and spreading the Sunday Times out all over the bed/ settee/living room floor are sooooooo long gone!

I still buy them occasionally to remind me of what our life used to be like and in the vague hope that those type of lazy mornings will one day revisit our home. The reality is they are now just spread over the kitchen floor to soak up the snow/rain/mud when the kids charge back in from the garden or on the dining room table to catch the glue/paint spillages when the Mister Maker box of delights comes out!

I sometimes happen to glance down and a headline grabs my attention so I just bend down and read it there, on the floor, amongst the wellies or shift a child and their work of art over a bit so I can catch the sports results.

So I guess our life hasn't really changed that much since having 3 children in the last 6 years after all...just a few more bacon butties to be made!

Phew, what a relief!!

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  1. ahhh yes Sunday papers - a fond memory of the distant past!! Maybe one day they might reappear again!