Wednesday, 8 February 2012

...Whinge on Wednesdays!!

I find everybody always likes to moan on Mondays and about Mondays...understandably as they've usually enjoyed a fun or relaxing weekend with family or friends and now it's all systems go, back to the grind stone etc.  In our household, it's generally just another day with the school run thrown in just to spice it up a bit.

Being a sports photographer, CameraGuy works 99% of weekends so it's just me and the 3 children on a Saturday & Sunday, going it alone, trying to do what the majority of families do...sports clubs/matches, day trips out, endless birthday parties and the like...but with just one pair of parenting hands.  It's fine (knackering, sometimes relentless!) but makes Mondays less of a miserable day. I thought I would try to not moan on or about Mondays...I'm going to wait for Wednesdays!  I figure my moans would just be lost amongst everyone else's if I joined in at the start of the week.  Then I'd count to 10 or hold my tongue on Tuesdays, but on Wednesday...that's when I am going to whinge.  If it's still bothering me by Wednesday then I figure I have earnt the right to get it out and have a little (or a large) rant. Welcome to the 1st of my 'Whinge on Wednesdays'...the only trouble is I can't remember what I wanted to whinge about...point to self for next week...write it down!

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